Tre satelliti transponders saranno lanciati a settembre del 2018

Saranno pronti per essere lanciati nel settembre del 2018, sono tre satelliti trasponder per radioamatori e si chiamano CAS-5A,  CAS-5B e CAS-6.  I sistemi di trasponder sono molteplici e davvero interessanti, in taluni casi la banda passante sarà di 30Khz in altri sistemi la banda sarà di 15khz. Al momento non è dato a sapersi le frequenze che prevedono pure le HF, ancora ci sono notizie frammentarie.  Sotto in lingua inglese vi riporto alcune delle caratteristiche dei tre satelliti… (Giancarlo Marescia, iw6atq) CRT#001

CAMSAT has released details of three new amateur radio satellites,
CAS-5ACAS-5B and CAS-6, that are hoped to launch in September 2018.

CAS-5A and CAS-6 will carry transponders

CAS-5A a 6U CubeSat which will include the following capabilities:
• HF/HF – H/T Mode Linear Transponder
• HF/UHF – H/U Mode Linear Transponder
• HF – CW Telemetry Beacon
• VHF/UHF – V/U Mode Linear Transponder
• VHF/UHF – V/U Mode FM Transponder
• UHF – CW Telemetry Beacon
• UHF – AX.25 4.8k/9.6k Baud GMSK Telemetry.

The transponders will have 30 kHz bandwidths except the H/U one which will be 15 kHz. Planning a launch in September 2018 from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center into a 539×533 km 97.5 degree orbit.

CAS-5B a femto-satellite architecture 90Lx80Wx50H mm with a mass of 0.5kg Proposing a UHF CW beacon and to be deployed from CAS-5A when in space.

CAS-6 a 50 kg micro satellite approx 490 x 499 x 430 mm. It will include:
• VHF CW Telemetry Beacon
• U/V Mode 20 kHz Linear Transponder
• AX.25 4.8k baud GMSK telemetry downlink
• Deployable Antennas
• Solar Panels, Lithium ion battery and power controller
• Integrated Housekeeping Unit
• Three-axis stabilization system
• Atmospheric Wind detector
• S-band TT&C system (non-amateur radio band)
• X-band Data link system (non-amateur radio band)

Planning a Sea Launch Pad from the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology in September 2018 into a 579 x 579 km 45 degree orbit.

IARU Satellite Frequency Coodination Status

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