Solar Activity of june 08, 2018

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Three days without sunspots and the solar wind is normally at 370km / sec, the activity remains very poor and apparently will be even in the days to come. By the end of the year or the first months of 2019 we will reach the minimum of the eleven year cycle. Today the solar radiation has returned to minimum values ​​of 69sfu. The geomagnetic shield marks kp1 the probability of polar auroras is 10% at mid-latitudes 15% at high, in anticipation only some polar aurora expected for days 12 and 13 June … On the propagation little to tell because of a whole day of thunderstorms, unable to connect the antennas to the radios. I have been able to detect through other friends today the propagation was bad a bit on all bands and as we can see from the charts the MUF of the F2 layer has never exceeded 20 MHz at the best moments.

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