Solar Activity and Propagation, very good on 6m

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On the Sun there is very little activity, solar wind returned around 400km / sec, the sunspots are 11 on a region that is rotating out of the Sun, the only registered flares are of class A7 at most. The electromagnetic radiation of the Sun is 74sfu, but it will tend to fall. The geomagnetic shield marks KP2 more or less maintained value of yesterday. The probability of polar aurorae at mid-high latitudes is 20%. Propagation equal to zero this morning, a real disaster … [11:29, 5/6/2018] John Marescia: We report disastrous propagation on 40 meters, here from Ancona in the whole band you listen to a qso from Spain to 7067 , with very low signal.

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[11:32, 5/6/2018] John Marescia: Even with the SDR of Andorra you do not receive almost nothing even the FT8 has really unbelievable … But there are no special conditions on the conditions of solar activity , or still there are no official updates …

In the evening propagation open on 40 meter band with very short skip. Very interesting propagation in 6 meters at about, below the picture from my pskreporter for IQ6KX in Ancona jn63so     click to enlarge