Monthly Dogs Award – English Rule

Period from 29 September 2018 to 30 December 2019. It will take place from 00:00 CET on the last Saturday of each month to 23:59 CET on the following day, Sunday. The Conero Radio Team Award can be activated by all European radio amateurs, subject to agreement with the manager, IW6ATQ. The activators will be 4 and in the two days to get the diploma the hunters will have to score at least 5 points. In this diploma there are no discounts for members and fans but who will have obtained at least two points with a small donation of two or three euros will be able to get the award. By connecting IQ6KX you will get a simple certificate of participation that will be sent automatically to your email address on It is recommended to keep your page on up-to-date also to receive awards or special eqsl. (For this award we don’t use No request is necessary, we ship to you automatically. The bands that can be used are 80, 40, 20 the unique SSB mode, one point per band even with the same activator on the same day. Each round will have its ranking and at the end of 2019 the general classification will give you the chance to win the final diploma. In the Monthly Dogs Award (MDA) we will include the Winter Dogs Award (second and third edition) and the Summer Dogs Award (third edition) the points are cumulative, with our software, thanking in the person of Marco Naccari IU0FBK, we will have the opportunity to see all the various statistics or monthly statistics. Every month the diploma will be dedicated to a breed of dog, or even to be dedicated to famous dogs like Diesel, Laika, Neve Rigopiano, Kaos etc etc … It is also scheduled the activators ranking. Every month a different graphic, more a final one, to obtain the latter, at the end of 2019, it will be necessary to be part of the first 30 classified in the general classification or 40 points for outside of Italy or 8 point for extraeuropean stations), in the final diploma the score achieved will be included …
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